Welcome to the VCTF4 website!

VCTF4 is short for "Vehicle Capture the Flag - 4 Teams" and is an additional game mode for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Based on CTF4, VCTF4 extends the VCTF gameplay experience by adding two additional teams - green and gold! You will now have to defeat 3 opponent teams in order to win the game, and that can result in quite some havoc!

In CTF4, you have to capture the flag of each opponent team a certain number of times - you're not getting away by defeating the weakest team only. As one can imagine, this will not only result in fights defending your own flag - but even in fights between two teams for another team's flag. The fact that you can carry multiple flags at the same time can lead you to quicker victories - but it doesn't exactly make your life easier with two defending teams behind you! Now, as if all that wasn't enough, vehicles are added to the mix!

You are encouraged to play VCTF4, host a VCTF4 server and/or port VCTF content (maps as well as vehicles) to VCTF4 or create entirely new content for VCTF4. You can get a heads-up on how to get started creating VCTF4 content on the tutorial pages you can find on this website.

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