Nope, I didn't do it all by myself. The following people were involved in VCTF4 development:

Greg "Overload" Laabs CTF4 - Obviously, there wouldn't be any VCTF4 if there wasn't any CTF4! Kudos to this guy for an amazing effort of overcoming Epic's hardcoding mania and create a game type with 4 teams!
Patrick "pd" Dinklage Yours truly - I created vehicle skins, colorized effects and wrote all the code related to getting stuff to work between CTF4 and vehicles. I also made the maps VCTF4-BlockFort and VCTF4-TheOrb.
Nialzinth My favorite lab rat, helped me test countless things!
He also created the map VCTF4-R!P-Castle which made it to the VCTF4 release package.
Jeffrey Created the maps VCTF4-ApA][RedRooms and VCTF4-MassDestruction-3Flags which I found worthy to be included in the VCTF4 release package!.
Darkemule Created the map VCTF4-Veniis which made it to the VCTF4 release package as well!
Every player on DVG Long before its release, VCTF4 has been established on the BBS RPG VCTF server in an ongoing field test of sorts. These people have motivated me to fix VCTF4 up to its current state by playing it, liking it, reporting bugs and creating maps for it - thank you!