On this page you can find links to download VCTF4 and additional VCTF4 content.

VCTF4 Release Package

This is the VCTF4 Release Package, containing VCTF4 itself as well as the following maps:

Installtion Instructions

In order to use VCTF4, you need to install CTF4 first. A CTF4 mirror might be added to this page in the future. Please note that the ut4mod provided on the CTF4 website cannot be installed on the latest UT2004 patch version. Therefore, pick the Manual Install download and install CTF4 manually.

You can then continue to install VCTF4 by unpacking the downloaded archive (see below) and copying its contents into the respective UT2004 folders.


Link: (44 MB)

VCTF4 Source Code

This is the source code of the above VCTF4 release package, not containing the resource files necessary for compilation. You may use this as a reference for creating custom VCTF4 vehicles or making your own mod VCTF4-compatible. If you would like to be able to compile it for some reason, please contact me.


Link: (143 KB)